My Dispensary is a new kind of a service platform for single practicing doctors who want to provide dispensary services to their patients.

My Dispensary with its robust back-end delivery chain takes care of all your hassles related to product sourcing, stocking, delivery, invoicing etc, so as a practicing doctor you can simply focus on your practice.

To a doctor no joy is greater than improved
clinical outcomes

Patients receiving treatment from a doctor managed dispensary are likely to witness better clinical outcomes. This is because the doctor has full control on the treatment being received by the patient. Patients only get products which have been approved by the doctors themselves. In contrast a conventional prescription based model with several intermediaries leaves wide scope for compromises in the integrity of the medical delivery chain.

We believe in establishing partnerships to help
doctors succeed

My Dispensary, with its dedicated technology, distribution and logistics systems, works in close partnership with its member doctors, to make available only those solutions which the member doctors deem fit, to their patients. This ensures that patients receive precisely the same medical intervention which the doctor ordered. In addition, we have invested in the right back-end management , brand partnerships, delivery services, and financial management systems to make the service experience seamless for doctor and their patients. We work towards only one goal – that patients should go happy with better clinical outcomes, while being able to reduce their cost of treatment.

Participation through invitation only

Doctors who are members of My Dispensary network receive a host of benefits which will allow them to improve their practice goals while enjoying the rewards.

In line with our commitment to ensure a desired standard of service, we are offering our services in select locations only.

In case you are a doctor who would like to join our network, or know how our service works, or just want to find out more, please send us a query, and our representative will get in touch with you.